The 10 Most Healthy Fish Types

The 10 Most Healthy Fish Types

Fish is a very healthy food, it contains high quality proteins, omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) and other essential nutrients that protect the heart and health in general. However, almost all fish and shellfish contain some traces of mercury.

Mercury is a metal found naturally in the earth’s crust and may come from volcanic activity and rock erosion. If the consumption of mercury is moderate, it does not suppose risks for the health. Although pregnant women, infants and children under 3 years old should consume fish low in this mineral and in small quantities, as they can harm the fetuses or the developing nervous system of a young child.

Here is a list of the fish that have the lowest levels of mercury and that you can eat moderately.

  1. THE SALMON: Salmon is a really nutritious fish and very beneficial for our health. It is rich in omega 3 and vitamin D, and helps us take care of our heart and our eyes. It is also beneficial to combat joint inflammation and can help us prevent cancer, as it contains minerals such as selenium that function as antioxidants.
  2. TUNA: Calcium or iron are some of the nutrients contained in tuna, so we can say that it becomes a very healthy and high quality fish. Tuna also contains vitamin D and vitamin B12. If we consume canned it contains salt, so it is recommended to buy it low in salt to make it healthier.
  3. The trout: Of pink color, with content of omega 3 fats and vitamin B12, it is a very tasty type of fish with great benefits for the health of our heart. It has less mercury than other fish, making it safer for our health.
  4. Herring. Herring is also rich in omega 3 fats that will help us prevent many types of diseases and health problems. It is good for our hearts, and very safe for our health due to its low mercury content. In addition it is also rich in proteins.
  5. Mackerel:. It is rich in vitamin B12. It is a fish with a strong flavor, very safe for consumption. In addition, it helps us to reduce the risk of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  6. MUSSELS: They are very nutritious, and enjoy high amounts of iron that will help us to prevent the symptoms of iron deficiency due to the practice of exercise and training. They are very tasty and combine with a multitude of dishes.
  7. THE SARDINES: Although the sardines are not as big as other fish are, they are also rich in omega 3, and contain many nutrients, including vitamin D, which is very important for the health of our bones. In addition, it is one of the fish that you will find most economical. Healthy and low cost what more can you ask for?
  8. THE OYSTERS: These seafood are very beneficial for our health. They do not contain mercury inside, they are rich in omega 3 and also a great source of zinc and other minerals.
  9. SEPIA: Did you know that cuttlefish is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals? Perfect for anyone, especially those who like sports because they are very beneficial for the care of our joints.
  10. CLAMS: Clams stand out for being rich in nutrients such as iron, zinc and other minerals. They have a great taste, are rich in vitamin B12 and are highly recommended to combat anemia.

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